Take a look at our new spring-summer 2019-20 collection.

The golden sand of the desert, the precious ornaments, regal queens and exotic sights...Inspired by the mysterious beauty of Ancient Egypt, the collection was made to enhance and celebrate every woman's body. We believe that all body types are beautiful and that every woman deserves pieces that make her feel beautiful and confident.

Featuring ancient spiritual symbols such as the Scarab, Anubis, Scale of life, Eyes of Honor and the Goddess of Justice Maat, skillfully hand- embroidered on each garment, all the pieces hold a very special meaning that creates an

Expertly crafted from lustrous silk, satin and blended fabrics that feel effortlessly lightweight on the skin, this collection is the perfect addition to your wardrobe this season. Going from day to night, with everything from luscious shirts toshimmering dresses and jumpsuits, this is a must-have for any woman that wants to feel special everyday. Don’t missthe chance to bring a piece of Egyptian magic into your life.